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Palliative Care

Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their close relatives who have to deal with a life-threatening condition by the prevention of and relief from suffering, by means of early detection and careful assessment and treatment of pain and other problems of a physical, psychosocial and spiritual nature. 

Palliative care is active total care for patients for whom a cure is no longer possible and whose death is expected within a foreseeable period. Attention is focused on controlling pain and symptoms and providing comfort, patients’ perception of their illness and their environment, social relationships and religious or philosophical meaning. These four areas are given equal consideration so as to optimise patients’ quality of life and their environment.

  • The approach is pluralistic.
  • Panal works on the basis of respect for the individuality of patients and their environment.
  • Panal works according to the emancipatory model: passing on knowledge and expertise to the patient, the environment and the care providers in order to strive towards maximum autonomy.
  • Communication is honest as far as possible.
  • Panal gives special consideration to ethical aspects and issues.
  • The intensity and complexity of palliative care makes multidisciplinary cooperation essential.
  • Volunteers may provide an important link in the support of patients and their environment.
  • Panal gives consideration to care for carers.


A board member

For me, Panal means....

... a miraculous interaction between people that makes their lives more bearable and pleasant.

A patient’s partner

For me, Panal means...

... that my wife’s life came to an end as she would have wished. Serene and free of pain.

A family doctor

For me, Panal means...

...that a model has been created for cooperation between care providers beyond the boundaries of self-interest, with great benefits for the patient and the care providers.
As a care provider it is good to know an organisation that is always available to provide information and support with regard to palliative care or support at the end of life.

A palliative consultant in a nursing home

For me, Panal means ...

... a sounding board for testing ideas about palliative care
... reviewing with others the expansion of palliative care in a nursing home
... colleagues with a sympathetic ear, with expert advice regarding both practical questions and difficult ethical issues.

Panal vzw

Panal vzw stands for support and the expansion of palliative care in the Leuven Arrondissement.  Panal consists of two structures with specific tasks: the Network and the MBE (Multidisciplinary Support Team) for the provision of home care. 

The Network aims to inform the population and increase awareness. It organises initiatives to foster expertise for professionals and volunteers. The Network offers a consultation platform for the various areas of work.

The task of the MBE is to help to make palliative care at home and in home-from-home situations possible. Here the family doctor and the other care providers are important partners.  The MBE informs, advises, supports and encourages all first-line helpers (in consultation with their organisations) but does not take over their tasks.

Home care

To make palliative care at home possible, the MBE (Multidisciplinary Support Team) gives advice to care providers.
In consultation with the sick person, his/her family and care providers, it can coordinate and organise care e.g. by involving home care services and volunteers. It offers emotional support to the sick, their environment and the care providers.

Special consideration is given to children and young people, parting and grief.



The aim of the Network is the dissemination of a palliative care culture and making it possible to talk about sickness, death and grief.

The Network organises working groups. The Network organises training for care providers and volunteers. The Network supports the expansion of voluntary work in palliative care. The Network makes the general public aware via lectures, infosessions ... The Network lends books about palliative care, being ill, death, grief…


Panal’s Network offers a range of training courses. Participants from various areas of work (home care, hospitals, nursing homes ...) are welcome.

These courses are aimed mainly at various care providers (doctors, nurses, carers, care providers, volunteers ...).

Panal can also provide customised training courses for organisations.

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